Gripper Card Holders

Bremerton, Washington
United States

Hello, and thank you for stopping by! My name is Rob (posing with my beautiful wife Jeanne) and I'm excited that you've decided to drop by to learn a bit about me and why I make playing card holders!

Prior to becoming a crafter, I was a self-taught artist, dabbling in watercolors, oils, acrylics and pencil. When I retired the first of 2007, I tried my hand at producing paintings of landscapes, birds, flowers, and even portraits. However, it didn't take me long to find out that unless one is extremely talented the artwork pretty much goes unnoticed.

I'm having a good time in my retirement and this new chapter of my life, but I'm the type of person who needs to be busy. So when my wife retired a couple of years later, we decided to try the "Snow Bird" scene for a while. (It was fun, but all the driving to and fro plus the packing, etc. got way too tiring so that was the end of that.)

But while we were there I discovered that many retirees loved to play card games. However, I also learned that there were many who had problems holding the cards due to hand issues, way too many cards, etc. So I decided to set out to find a solution. After many trials and errors, I came up with a prototype which, after consulting with my wife (who has done quite a bit of sewing and quilting) I improved upon and set out to test my "invention" at craft fairs. They went over so well that I actually sold out at my first one! I quickly made more that evening and participated in another craft fair where I just about sold out again.

After arriving back home, I improved upon my design yet again and started making more for our next trip to the south. The next craft fair was a testament to word of mouth advertising, as many of my customers were referrals from the customers who bought from me the previous year. Thus, the Amazing Gripper Playing Card Holders were born! My unique card holders have continued to evolve to what you see here in my shop. Over the years, I've added many styles to the delight of many of my loyal customers.

So there you are - my story in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed reading it; please continue to browse my shop and contact me if you've got any ideas or comments. Enjoy, and have fun at the card table!

Jeanne & me

Rob's unique card holders are absolutely amazing. I think that I must be his best customer as I live in a retirement community-- and when other residents see this product-- they want me to order some for them. Make life easier if you are a card player and you will NEVER be without your Gripper!!!
Everyone in my hand and foot card group (over 30 at times) absolutely love the Gripper Card Holders! They are so creative and the perfect size, look and construction needed for us older ladies! thank you for making them and selling at such a reasonable price - great little gifts to share. And thank you for exchanging the ones I previously purchased incorrectly for the correct ones I should have ordered! Thanks for your phone call :) Karen
Great seller, easy to work with. My kids loved them!
These are the most incredible grippers I have ever seen. They are made so well and I love using it. I had a custom order done and couldn’t be happier. I would recommend this to all of my friends.
Rib was very communicative and kept me informed all the way. Trust me you will not be sorry. Can’t wait to order other items.
Beautiful stand made out of quality acrylic that works perfectly with the card holder! Such attention to detail.. even has felt on the bottom to prevent scratching on tables. The stand can be used to display your card holder between games, as these products are too lovely to stash away in a drawer! Perfect execution!!!
Absolutely thrilled with this card holder! Meticulous attention to detail,and far surpassed my expectations!! You can feel the love and thoughtfulness that was put into this product.. right down to the notes on how to use the product, and the care taken in the packaging. The communication on shipping was fabulous, as was the speed on delivery! Many, many thanks! Simply the best!!!!
Mr. Rob had Amazing customer service! My kids were thrilled with their custom grippers and played with them right away! I am thinking of getting more for my nephews and maybe me and the husband and others
Communication with Rob was a joy. He made sure my order was as I wanted and was very patient with me. His product is very professional and he was very quick to make and ship.
These Grippers are THE most wonderful items and you cannot ask for better service when you order from Rob. I now live in a retirement community and residents are constantly asking me to order one or more for them. He gets the order in the mail almost instantly and you will not be disappointed when you open the package!!
Greatest invention for card players-- of all ages.
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